Multiven Open Marketplace — MOM, for Consumers

E-commerce from the Consumer’s Perspective

Shopping online is relatively easy for people living in developed countries, as the wealth and the infrastructure exist to make it possible. But there are still large areas of the world where online shopping is virtually unheard of, and otherwise impossible. Here’s why.

Shopping on the MOM: A P2P Nirvana

Traditional online shopping outlets such as Amazon do offer a great variety of items, yes. They’re convenient, and always willing to sell you what you want. But you still need a credit card to buy stuff there.


MOM offers a two-pronged revolution: One, centralized entities are completely removed from the equation (thus eliminating exclusion, costly fees and awkward restrictions), and two, it enables the billions of people who would have traditionally been unable to make online purchases to benefit from the convenience of e-commerce, thus opening up a whole new array of potential markets and opportunities.



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