Multiven and Mandala Exchange Sign a Strategic Financial and Technological Agreement

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3 min readSep 13, 2018


PARIS, FRANCE and VALETTA, MALTA, 12 Sept, 2018: Multiven and Mandala Exchange have today announced the beginning of a strategic relationship and engagement marked with Mandala’s participation in Multiven’s ongoing crowdsale. As the Multiven platform goes live, arrangements will be made for the listing of Multicoins (MTCN) on the Mandala Exchange. Mandala has also expressed intent to participate in Multiven’s B-Fence program, where Multiven offers cyber-defence services, enhancing cyber security for program participants and their user base.

Multiven’s B-Fence program, viewable at, is the world’s first active cyber-defense platform for Bitcoin nodes and their Internet gateway routers globally. It is an early warning monitoring system that alerts Multiven’s decentralised team of Internet engineering experts, security researchers and cryptographers, one of whom was the late Hal Finney, who helped Satoshi Nakamoto develop Bitcoin and was the first person to run a Bitcoin node, of cyberattacks against the global Bitcoin node network.

This elite team of experts will be compensated from a portion of the Multicoin transaction fees from the Multiven Open Marketplace, the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $3 Trillion Information Technology products and services industry.

Kudos to Mandala’s leadership team for their appreciation of the cyber threat that crypto-exchanges are facing today and the bold steps they are taking to minimise their customers’ exposure” says Peter Alfred-Adekeye, Multiven Founder and CEO. “Cybersecurity and threat mitigation starts with the coordinated efforts of industry leaders across all spectrums of business and we are honoured to welcome Mandala onboard

With continuous attacks on market participants in the cryptocurrency space, cyber-security and threat management are critical to Mandala Team.” says Nate Flanders, Mandala Exchange Co-Founder. “As our platform infrastructure further develops and moves through testing into deployment we are excited for the possibilities with Multiven’s B-Fence programme.”

About Multiven

Founded in Palo Alto, California in 2005, Multiven is the world’s first and only provider of independent and decentralised software integrity maintenance and cyber-defense services for all the blockchain nodes and hardware that make up the world’s Internet networks.

Multiven is tokenising its existing successful business by developing the Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM), the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $3 Trillion Information Technology hardware, software and services Industry, that will enable everybody to buy and sell smartphones, computers, routers etc. on a peer-to-peer basis, powered by smart contracts, with the Multicoin as the sole medium-of-exchange. Multicoin transaction fees from the MOM will fund the cyber-defense of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other public blockchain nodes on Earth, as well as their decentralisation into low-Earth-orbit.

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About Mandala Exchange

Mandala is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and blockchain asset exchange platform, focused on simplicity, security and sustainability. Mandala empowers users, offering support at each step of the trading process with a vision of making trading actions on the platform very simple to understand and execute.

By utilising easy to understand risk management and profit taking strategies, the platform will cater to novice investors but still offer features advanced enough for institutional investors as well. The Mandala platform will include integrated trade signalling for entries and exits, vital trading data and analytics, simple trading bot functionality and much more.

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