Letters, Letters, Letters

LetterBox, messaging with (real) people at places

Dear Community,

As promised, I am excited to announce that we are launching a new ground-breaking messaging application called LetterBox, that will enable everybody to communicate with real people at places.

LetterBox is the result of years of research and development and we are very proud of it.

The coolest part is that LetterBox will be completely integrated into MOM and thereby make it super easy for LetterBox users around the world to buy and sell seamlessly on MOM, and to also send and receive money in Multicoins (MTCN).

Letterbox is due for a private, invitation-only release, in the next few weeks and you, our community members, will be placed on the priority queue to test drive it.

I am very grateful to all our team members that have worked hard to build LetterBox and MOM and I’m super excited about how we continue to help make the world a better place through technology and innovation.



Founder, MOM & LetterBox




Introducing MOM, your blockchain marketplace— www.mom.market

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MOM Foundation

Introducing MOM, your blockchain marketplace— www.mom.market

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