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2 min readApr 14, 2021


The Revolutionary New Way to Message Real People at Places

Messaging has not evolved since the days of AOL instant messenger.

It hasn’t innovated to address, amongst other things, modern day concerns, such as the anonymity of people that rain abuses at others online, whilst hiding behind their keyboards.

This is all made possible because all existing messaging applications, do not verify the identity of their users in any way, shape of form, before allowing them to message others. All you need to get on all of them, is a sim card, which anyone can purchase for €20, period.

That is why I have spent a great deal of my time over the past decade, pondering on how best to re-invent messaging for the 21st century.

And that’s why, it gives me great pleasure to formally announce the launch of LetterBox today.

LetterBox is a revolutionary new messaging application that enables people and businesses, to communicate with one another, only after they have verified their full names and postal addresses.

Thus, Letterbox introduces trust, for the first time, into electronic messaging.

In addition to messaging, LetterBox users will also be able to send and receive money peer-to-peer, and pay for everyday goods and services such as food, utility bills and more, all in Multicoin (MTCN).

As the Multicoin is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 cryptocurrency, LetterBox users do not need bank accounts for payments.

This is especially handy for the 1.7 Billion unbanked adults across the world, that have no bank accounts, and have thus far, been excluded from online commerce.

LetterBox will be available in the App store over the coming weeks, initially released as a private pilot, and we look forward to receiving your feedback on how best to improve it.

Welcome to LetterBox, welcome to the future of messaging.

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Founder, LetterBox.