How Multiven will secure the future of Bitcoin by decentralising its node network into space, funded by Multicoin transaction fees from the Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM).

But this doesn’t mean Blockchain is impenetrable

There are numerous actors who could try to exploit the core Internet infrastructure, which makes up blockchain’s existence. The public blockchain in particular, remains vulnerable as 7 out of every 10 blockchain nodes globally, connect to other nodes, via a Cisco device. With the current concentration of Bitcoin nodes in North America and the European Union, almost 90% of all Bitcoin nodes today, connect to other nodes via Cisco routers. Exploitable security defects in these routers’ software could enable backdoor access that could centralize nodes under the jurisdiction of a single actor.

Cyberattacks on crypto exchanges temporarily impact cryptocurrency value but will never be an existential threat for cryptocurrencies.

Multiven provides the only viable solution to protect the wider blockchain community

Seen as a potentially unparalleled initiative, Multiven will be using a certain portion of the proceeds from its Multicoin ICO token sale to:

  • Harden the cyberdenses of Earth-based public blockchain nodes and;
  • Fund the decentralisation of nodes into space by developing open-source nano-satellite Bitcoin, Ethereum and other public blockchain full nodes, and launching them into low-Earth-orbit.
How the Nodes-in-Orbit will operate

Multiven will go beyond space exploration

If space exploration does not seem like Multiven’s most advanced development, we recognise that the public system must also engage, protect and support the community that make up its existence. Therefore, we strive to provide a holistic and entirely encompassing community based on reward:

  • Multicoin transaction fees generated from the Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM), will compensate a decentralised pool of volunteer Internet engineers, security researchers and cryptographers that monitor and defend public blockchain nodes against cyberattacks;

Multiven Nodes-in-Orbit (NiO); the foundation for an Interplanetary Monetary System (IMS) — a Potential future use case for NiOs.

Finally, as we ponder colonising other planets, added to the fact that dollars, euros, yen and other Earthly currencies are not legal tender on Mars, while stacking Gold bullions into rocket payloads to go establish gold-backed economies in space is not economically viable, Multiven’s Bitcoin Nodes-in-Orbit could be the backbone network of a future INTERPLANETARY MONETARY SYSTEM (IMS). More on this in a follow-up blog.



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